Unique design. 90 mm wide profile system with a third – central seal (rubber). Applicability of many types of glass packages with thickness 22 mm to 44 mm. An extended reinforcement room, increasing the stiffness of the windows and allowing the production of all properly designed structures.

The offer includes three essential colors: white, caramel and dark brown.

  • The best thermal insulation coefficient in the market for this profile class.
  • Uf = 0.97 W / m2 K (with polishing unit 44 mm).
  • Uw = 0.78 W / m2 K of the reference window, width 1230 mm, height 1480 mm.
  • The core of the profile that matches the color of the decorative sheets.
  • Rubber seals (rubber bands) in gray or black.
  • A wide range of decorative sheets.

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