6-chamber system with the installation width of 81 mm. Possibility of application of many kinds of glass packages with the thickness from 23 mm to 54,8 mm. Extended reinforcement chambers to increase window stiffness and enable execution of all correctly designed structures
Optimum profile assembly height providing up to 5% more light in comparison with other systems in the same class (in two-leaf window) with the dimensions of: width 1,465 mm height 1,435 mm.
  • B class profiles in accordance with the standard PN-EN 12608: -1:2016- 1:2016-04
  • Perfect thermal insulation. Uw = 0,76 W/m2K for the reference window
  • Possibility of application of polystyrene insert
  • Contains complete door system
  • Grey or black gaskets
  • Wide range of decorative foils.

2-glass package 
24 mm Ug 1,0/Wm2K
spacer bar SWISSPACER V,
3-glass package 
48 mm Ug 0,5 /Wm2K
spacer bar SWSSPACER V,
4-glass package  
52 mm Ug 0,3 /Wm2K
spacer bar SWISSPACER Ultimate, krypton

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