Did you know that PVC windows have a winter and summer position?

There are two tricks you probably didn’t know about PVC windows, they have a winter and summer position that can easily be adjusted. However, you must first verify that you have the special screws on the side of the window sill on which the glove is located. If they have holes for screwdriver + (plus), then the possibility of winter and summer adaptation exists.

Simply open the window and look for the screw. If you want to adjust the window for winter position, bring the screw from the inside with the inbus key. This regulates the force of the window frame. When the master places the window on your house, he most often leaves it in the standard position, i.e. in the middle position. If you are not sure what position your window is in, take a sheet of paper and pass it under the window sill. If the sheet can pass without problems, your window is in the summer position, but if the sheet is torn, it is certainly in the winter position. It is important to keep in mind that windows should not be left in the winter position all year round, because the tires on the window frame will wear out very quickly.
Mitroplast 2019, Source: Telegrafi.com
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